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    Appleby and the Ospreys (Sir John Appleby #35) : Michael Innes

Used paperback in good condition. Cover and pages show minimal wear. Pages with normal age discolouration. 319 pages. Published by Fontana Paperbacks, 1982. ISBN 0006162029.

The Allied Army is gathering. Its commanders were in desperate need of information about the German army facing them. They chose Nat Morgan, troublemaking Welsh journalist and celebrated commando, for his most dangerous mission.

The German Army in Normandy, bitterly divided between the old army officers and the new Nazi appointments, was united only on one thing, the attractions of the chateau, provided by Colonel Ulrich for the relaxation of the officers, and particularly for the excellence of the French ladies imprisoned there.

It was there that, at a price, Nat Morgan found his secret information. It was there, among the captive ladies, that he found his spy and his love. It was there that he met his bitterest enemy, the man he had sworn to kill. Nat Morgan was no longer at war, he was on a private, deadly mission of vengeance.

Angels of Death : Robert Peart

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