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    Bridge Across The Century Volume 2 (Taiwan - Hong Kong)

A narrative history, 100 years of OMS in Asia 1901-2001.

Ernest A Kilbourne one of the founders of The Oriental Missionary Society, was alone at prayer when he received a dramatic revelation. He saw a great highway bridge arching across the Pacific Ocean to Japan. From Japan, a span of the bridge reached Korea, and from Korea a third touched China. From China, the great highway seemed to extend directly to heaven. More symbolic, across that final span would march a throng of the redeemed of Asia to their eternal home. Ernest Kilbourne, in his lifetime would witness the fulfilment of his vision.

No human story ever stands alone. Nor does this one; it is simply a part of a larger one, the account of how God is redeeming a prodigal creation. It is the story of Cowman, Kilbourne, Nakada and The Oriental Missionary Society, but it should be my story and your story too. The same Christ who called them calls every person. We should rejoice in the results of their obedience, but find in the account a challenge to give ourselves with equal purpose to the passion that consumed them, the desire to see prodigal man return to the Father's house.

Also available on our Facebook page Bridge Across The Century Volume 1

Bridge Across The Century Volume 1 (Japan - Korea - China)

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