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Real-world research shows that the good person often loses to the unprincipled man. The three main reasons for this are:

1. He cannot comprehend how the unprincipled man thinks, works or makes his moves.

2. He lacks battle skills and doesn’t know how to fight back.

3. He is often egoistic about his honesty, whereas the unprincipled man can subjugate his ego to greed and team up with others.

This book prepares the good person towards:

1. Comprehending evil moves

2. Executing powerful antidotes

3. Converting his virtues into competitive tools and building powerful collaborations with men like himself & win decisively.

Free of platitudes & unproven recommendations, How a Good Person can Really Win is backed by extensive research, and can lead men to victory and success in the real world. It has relevance to all walks of life.

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How a Good Person Can Really Win

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