The book is entitled “I, Ninfa Artemis”. The story is true. It’s a captivating hypnotic heroic novel. Writing is in my soul and sets me free. My name is Ninfa Artemis and I am from Portugal. Ninfa is a Portuguese word and means nymph.

I’m truly happy when I write, including at this very moment as I type these words to you. My motto in life is: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. The book is mainly based on this. The book is set in Portugal and London. It involves music (since I’m also a singer and songwriter), psychics, prophecies, love, betrayal, forgiveness (even of those who knew exactly the harm they were inflicting), disappointments, challenges, heartaches, obsessions, hopes and the ways I found to get through, no matter how impossible it seemed.

Usually you are a famous singer first, then you write your book telling your story. First, I will tell my story. The book has five chapters. P.S. Chapter 5 has poems and refers to a time before I knew I would one day record my own songs (which only happened in 2004). In 2000, in the midst of my heartache, I found an anchor to remain alive by writing poems. None of them rhyme. The feelings they conjure also don’t rhyme with a calm mind. From the deepness of the void that my heart fell into, to my strong spirit of survival that led me to an unknown battlefield, these poems build an amazing story. Simple words, deep meanings and a strong print out of the soul.

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I, Ninfa Artemis

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