Brand new paperback. 536 pages. Published by Mills & Boon, 2014. ISBN 0263911802.

Bargaining for King's Baby

Just twenty more acres and millionaire Adam King would restore his family ranch to its former glory. So intense was his obsession, he even considered marrying the girl next door. For Gina Torino's father was willing to sell her in exchange for the much-desired land.

Gina was aware of her father's manipulative bargain...and decided to make a deal with Adam herself. She'd marry the ice-cold rancher. He'd get the land. And she'd get King's baby.

Marrying for King's Millions

Wed and bed one of his biggest client's unsavoury daughters? No thanks. But the only way millionaire Travis King could get the man off his back was to marry someone else. So he handpicked his temporary and on-his-terms bride, hometown girl Julie O'Hara. The woman was desperate and should easily fade into the background. And, as per their contract, she'd do exactly what he wanted during their year of platonic marriage. Unless what he wanted began to change.

Falling for King's Fortune

According to airline tycoon Jackson King, business always triumphed over romance, and babies were best appreciated from afar. That was, until the beautiful stranger with whom he'd shared a mind-blowing tryst revealed he had fathered her baby daughter.

If Casey Davis thought she could drop a bombshell like that and just disappear, she didn't know Jackson. For a King would never deny his own flesh and blood. He was determined to have his daughter under his roof...even if it meant marrying a near stranger.

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Kings of California

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