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Used paperback in fair condition. Cover showing average wear, tear of about 1cm bottom left front along spine. Pages showing age discolouration. Rubber stamps, marker pen and ink inscription on flyleaf. 156 pages. Published by Pan Books, 1978. ISBN 0330254707.

Salena Cardenham knew something was desperately wrong the moment she saw her father waiting for her at the Monte Carlo railway station. "I think you have something to say to me, Papa," Salena said tautly. " I have a great deal to say to you," Lord Cardenham replied, "but first let me explain where we are staying. Quite frankly, Salena, I am forced to rely on the generosity of my friends." "Does that mean you are hard up, Papa?" "Not hard up, broke! I have not a penny to my name." "What can we do, Papa?" "I will talk to you about that later," Lord Cardenham replied evasively. "In the meantime make yourself pleasant to our Russian host. You and I need a great deal from him, Salena. Unless he is willing to provide you with some new gowns, you'll wear what you have or go naked!" "Papa!" It was a cry of dismay.

Salena's happiness at joining her father in Monte Carlo had quickly turned to terror and despair when she learnt that she must marry the sadistic Prince Petrovsky to pay her father's debts.

Saved from a watery grave and nursed back to health by the debonair Duke of Templecombe, Salena finds a strange new contentment in exotic nineteenth-century Tangiers. But the long arm of the Prince brings unforseen dangers before the touch of the Duke's lips brings Salena a rapture beyond words.

A Fugitive from Love : Barbara Cartland

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