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Used paperback in very good condition. Cover and pages in good condition.249 pages. Published by ZAR Empire Holdings, 2017. ISBN 9780620750950.

A Hustler's Bible quickly gained acclaim as a rebel in the school of motivational literature. It deviated from the established 'laws of success', capturing its many readers with a uniquely dynamic narrative and perspective. It became a national bestseller that resonated with the modern-day hustler; crossing borders, transcending classes and achieving its ultimate goal of igniting action, catapulting dreams and changing lives.

A Hustler's Bible: The New Testament, differs from its predecessor in that it's a complete embodiment of its author. In this book, Gayton McKenzie unveils answers to the many questions about his life in his unwaveringly authentic and pragmatic manner. It departs from solely focusing on business and introduces a more intimate and in-depth encounter by encompassing matters of love and life. It is a book written from the blood of his wounds, the salt of his sweat, the frustration of his disappointments, the guilt of his transgressions and the joy of his success. The answers that lie in between these pages are meant to precipitate a transformation in the minds and lives of those that yearn for it. We all hold the pens required to write our names in the hallways of success but not everyone is willing to hustle for the ink. This book was written for the hustlers searching for that ink.

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A Hustler's Bible: The New Testament : Gayton McKenzie

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