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Used paperback in good condition. Cover and pages show minimal wear. Top right corner of flyleaf torn. Name in ink on title page. Pages showing normal age discolouration. 571 pages. Published by Fontana Books, 1972. ISBN n/a.

The enthralling life of St. Luke. Born a Greek, Luke became the protégé and adopted son of the Roman governor of Antioch. His foster father sent the young Lucanus (as he was then called) to Alexandria to study medicine, and there he ultimately became one of the greatest physicians of the ancient world. 

After the death of Jesus Lucanus embraced Christianity and made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He talked with Pontius Pilate, with Herod and with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and set down the record which we know now as the Gospel according to St. Luke.

Dear and Glorious Physician : Taylor Caldwell

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