A man is watching her, perfect as she stands by the beach. He will have her, he will charm her. She will come with him like others have before.

She is a beautiful, an English visitor. She sees no danger. This man has a wildness that intrigues and captivates her. She does not see dark shadows beneath.

She goes with him, surrendering to his charms. They travel to places where no other person goes.

But, little by little, his secrets must out. She finds others have been there before. No one knows where they are now - vanished, missing travellers.

She discovers a hidden predator that hides within this charming man. One with a love of those creatures which kill, huge and ancient crocodiles.

Now she cannot leave him. She is trapped.

This is a substantially revised version of the first book in the Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Series (previously titled 'Just Visiting"). This series tells the story of an English backpacker, Susan, who comes to Australia looking for an idyllic holiday but becomes trapped with the awful consequences of events she could never have imagined.

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An English Visitor (Crocodile Spirit Dreaming) (Volume 1)

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