Used paperback in good condition. Cover in good condition except for damage to the top of the front cover. Pages show minimal wear and normal age discolouration. Rubber stamp on flyleaf. 223 pages. Published by Coronet, 1976. ISBN 0340191562.

A shot from a high-powered rifle brings the life of Eddie Raven, wino, to a sudden end. More shots to follow. The gunman disappears from his fire-escape into the Shelley Hotel opposite the US Embassy.

By the time dawn broke, the police knew they had got a real tough one. The gunman had holed up with two hostages and now he wanted another. And not just anyone this time, now he had to have the US Ambassador. And he didn't mind who he shot until he got him. There wasn't anyone ready to argue with him, but they knew that if they didn't find out soon who he was and what was going on, the whole thing would blow up in their faces. And some very top people indeed would want to know why.

The Grosvenor Square Goodbye : Francis Clifford

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