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Used paperback in good condition. Cover showing some heavy wear around edges of spine but else cover and pages show minimal wear. Pages showing normal age discolouration. Felt tip pen line on top and bottom edges. 271 pages. Published by Arrow Books, 1985. ISBN 0099418509.

Parviz - A political detainee on temporary release from a desert prison-camp to give help to Interpol.

Veltri - An Italian businessman, Mafia or Freemason? Arrested in Britain on minor charges which disguise something much more serious.

Laleh - The beautiful interpreter, half-Spanish half-Persian, with tragic memories and an American connection she's only half aware of

Buchanan - Ex-Foreign Office, the English gentleman, with his daughter Annie, determined to rescue Parviz for their own mysterious and conflicting reasons.

Farshid - The first victim, atrociously murdered in an isolated country phone-box. And not the last.

These are the unknown factors at the start of a new investigation for Morgan Hunter-Brown and a trail that leads through the darkest and deadliest labyrinths of the international power game.

Murder of a Moderate Man : John Howlett

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