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    Over the Mountains (Clothes of a King's Son #3) : Pamela Frankau

Used paperback in fair condition. Cover showing average wear with roughly 1cm long tear on front bottom left along spine. Pages showing minimal wear with normal age discolouration. Bottom right of pages 5 and 7 has corner torn off. Names and rubber stamps on flyleaf. 256 pages. Published by Arrow Books, 1970. ISBN 0090032705.

Theirs had been an ecstatic marriage, blessed with love and wealth and passion. But now their lives were strangely altered. Confined to a wheelchair for more than six years, beautiful Lydia's marriage had slowly crumbled about her. With his good looks and tremendous vitality, her husband Ivan Stanfield, the world-famous musician, had the choice of anyone he wanted. And Lydia was cut off from the joy she had known with her husband. How could she hold this handsome man when lovely women were irresistibly drawn by his magnetic charm? Other could not resist his charms, how could she find away to hold him?

When an enchanting young woman came into their home, Lydia faced a crisis of love that might tear her family apart. But from the depths of her misery, Lydia turns to notice the unhappiness of others: of her sister and her daughter. She realizes that by comparison, her life is possibly more fortunate than she had believed. Then she discovered the secret of her restless husband's dreams, and she found the courage and strength to overcome her jealous heart! And then comes the possibility that she might be able to walk again.

Out of Reach : Barbara Cartland

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