Used paperback in good condition. Cover and pages show minimal wear. Burn mark on front cover that's also visible on the flyleaf, title page, and contents page. Pages with normal age discolouration. 285 pages. Published by Fontana Books, 1978. ISBN 0006151795.

At seventeen, Jessica Clavering yearns for a life of excitement and romance. So when a rough Australian opal-miner buys her family's decaying ancestral mansion, she defies their orders and befriends him.

From him she hears of the finest opal of all, the legendary Green Flash, with whose disappearance the Claverings are mysteriously linked. And through him, she makes a strange marriage that lands her on the opposite side of the world, mistress of the great Australian house, Peacocks.

There, as Jessica's isolation grows, she begins to be really frightened. It seems that not just a lost opal, but even her life may be at stake.

The Pride of the Peacock : Victoria Holt

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