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Used paperback on poor condition. Cover well worn with tear bottom left along spine. Pages showing normal age discolouration. Top right of book appears to have some water damage but doesn't affect text. Rubber stamps on inside cover and flyleaf. Acceptable as a reader's copy. 188 pages. Published by Corgi, 1975. ISBN 0552098221.

Her father had died on their way home to England, his career in shambles, his name disgraced by accusations of treason. Now Canuela Arlington and her mother were alone in London in desperate need of money. Canuela would have to find work. Knowing her delicate beauty was sure to provoke unwelcome advances, Canuela pulled her long golden hair back sharply from her face, obscured her dazzling grey-green eyes with huge glasses and dressed in unflattering black.

Her excellent qualifications soon interested an employer: Ramon de Lopez, the handsome Argentine aristocrat, one of the wealthiest men in South America. Canuela trembled with rage at the mere mention of his name: Ramon was an "old friend" of her father's, one of the many who deserted in the crisis. Canuela would repay him for his disloyalty. It would not be difficult to destroy him. If only he were not so wildly attractive.

The Tears of Love : Barbara Cartland

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