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    Wolfsbane (Kenneth Aubrey and Patrick Hyde #1) : Craig Thomas

Used paperback in good condition. Cover and pages showing minimal wear. pages with normal age discolouration. Rubber stamp on flyleaf. 223 pages. Published by Fontana Books, 1977. ISBN 0006144772.

He came straight round the corner and into us. Bessim broke his neck, One minute he was expressing the same sort of surprise as Bessim, the next he was sagging like a deflated punchbag and Bessim was lowering him to the ground. We pulled him onto a shadowy corner and patted him over. He yielded a 9mm automatic, a plaited leather blackjack and a silver whistle on a chain.

"A professional, fully tooled-up," muttered Bessim, moving on, keeping in the shadows. The driver had started to whimper with terror, so Bessim thumped him and sent him to wait. I was sorry for him. There's nobody harder on a Turk than another Turk.

With Extreme Prejudice : Berkely Mather

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