Refund Policy and Glossary


My refund policy is based on applicable South African law to wit the Consumer Protection Act,1986 (CPA) and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (ECTA).   

1) As I do not sell by way of direct marketing the cooling-off period as per the CPA does not apply to purchases from my store. The ECTA’s provisions for online sales are applicable and allows for a seven (7) day cooling off period. The ECTA specifically exclude books and magazines from this cooling off period. As per the ECTA and (2) below the cooling off period will also not apply to purchases collected from the seller. See also (3) below. Note that, as per the ECTA, the cost for returning item(s) is for the customer’s account.  

2) Purchases collected from the seller is available for inspection on collection. Once the customer has indicated that they are happy with the item(s) and payment made the transaction will be viewed as finalised and no claims for refunds will be entertained.

3) Although books and magazines are specifically excluded by The Act I will consider returns on a case-by-case basis. I encourage customers to ask for more information and additional photos of the item. I do my best to describe the item as accurately as possible but terms like ‘good’ and ‘fair’ are a matter of opinion and for this reason the images must be regarded as an integral part of the description of the item. No refunds on books and magazines will be considered where the defect(s) were clearly visible in the images or mentioned in the description. We try our best to keep to the following grading for our books:

  • As new means that the book is in the state that it should have been in when it left the publisher.
  • Fine is "as new" but allowing for the normal effects of time on an unused book that has been protected. A fine book shows no damage.
  • Very good describes a book that is worn but untorn. For many collectors this is the minimum acceptable condition for all but the rarest items. 
  • Good describes the condition of an average used worn book that is complete. Defects will be noted.
  • Fair shows wear and tear but all the text pages and illustrations or maps are present. It may lack endpapers, half-title, and even the title page. Defects will be noted.
  • Poor describes a book that has the complete text but is so damaged that it is only of interest to a buyer who seeks a reading copy. 
  • Foxing is an age-related process of deterioration that causes spots and browning on old paper. Although unsightly and a negative factor in the value of the paper item for collectors, foxing does not affect the actual integrity of the paper.
  • Normal describes the condition as can be expected relating to the age of an unprotected book. Pages drying out and even discolouration. Blemishes will be noted.
  • Minimal is used where a book appears to be have been read once or twice only.

4) Refunds will be paid to the customer’s bank account within 24 hours of the seller receiving the item(s) or the banking details of the customer depending on which happens at the later date. If items are returned to the seller personally then the refund will be handed to the seller upon receipt of the item(s).

5) Please submit any requests for a return via our returns page.