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Used paperback in fair condition. Cover worn on edges along spine and front and back covers showing a bad crease. Pages with normal age discolouration. Ink signature on title page. 383 pages. Published by Panther Books, 1965. ISBN n/a.

An epic tale of a violent, turbulent era that rings with the thunder of hooves and the clash of arms.

Charles Duke of Burgundy, Flanders and Navarre, was born to immense power, and to bring a curse on all he loved and who loved him. There were to be many: the Compagnards, his six boyhood friends whose names and deeds rang through Christendom, and whose lives were his to command and destroy; Lys, his child-bride who had to grow up to soon; and Louise, whose dark eyes were to haunt him until he died. For their sake he was to defy the laws of man and God, and, through Louise's son, they were to shadow the life of the last of the last of his loves, the exquisite Isabel of France.

A Kingdom for a Song : Ira J. Morris

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