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Used paperback in good condition. Cover and pages in good condition although the flyleaf and title pages have light foxing. 294 pages. Published by Sphere, 2007. ISBN 0751530905.

Dan Porter had it all: a big house in suburban London, a beautiful wife, three children in private school, and a high-paying job. But then, it all collapsed like a house of cards. Now Dan stays home while his angry wife pursues a career, and his marriage falters. Returning to his old profession could mend the rift, but Dan needs to do something else, something more...

Then, Dan hears about a company for sale in northern Scotland, and the temptation is too great to resist. With his son Josh and two dogs in tow, he lands in a primitive cottage above a frigid loch. As he takes stock of his past, he discovers a community who desperately needs his help, a new chance for the future, a risk that requires a leap of faith...and an astonishing love.

A Risk Worth Taking : Robin Pilcher

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