Used paperback in good condition. Cover and pages showing minimal wear. Pages showing normal age discolouration. 223 pages. Published by Panther Books, 1980. ISBN 0586049703.

Redbrick graduate and freshfaced recruit to the Civil Service, Robin Royce is unexpectedly thrust by the doyens of Whitehall into the staff of Her Majesty's Ambassador in the Eternal City. He soon finds himself well out of his depth amidst the giddy world of high protocol in diplomatic Rome.

But Royce is highly prized by the British Ambassador whose pet project, the Anglo-Italian wonder plane, Falcon, is murderously threatened by the superpowers. And quick as a striking jumpjet, Robin becomes enmeshed in a high-flying conspiracy with the French and other confreres to launch the beautiful but deadly Falcon on the world.

Falcon : Nigel Slater

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