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Used paperback in good condition. Cover and pages showing minimal wear. Pages with normal age discolouration. 251 pages. Published by Pan Books, 1981. ISBN 0330263714.

Father Giovanni Antonelli, committed crusader for human rights, survivor of Uruguayan jails, and valued friend of the extreme left returns to the Holy City. When he disappears it's front page news across the world. 

In New York, his picture reminds a Jewish journalist of the man who butchered his family in the holocaust of the Third Reich. In Madrid, an ex-Nazi sees again the man who him of a fortune, a fortune that could finance the rebirth of fascism.

Where is Antonelli? Who is Antonelli? The answers will open old wounds and settle old scores. The Eternal City of Rome, torn apart by terrorists, is the scene for Judgment in St. Peter's.

Judgment in St Peter's : Aaron Nathan Rotsstein

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