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Used paperback in fair condition. Cover and pages show minimal wear. Cover stained top left along front and spine. Inside cover has rubber stamps and ink inscription. 192 pages. Published by Arrow Books, 1976. ISBN 0099070006.

Lovely, golden-haired Amanda suddenly knew what she wanted!

She wanted the kisses she had never known... she longed for love!

But there was one last mission to be undertaken for Major Jackson, that strangely compelling, attractive man whose instructions she must obey. How she resented his arrogant orders that made her feel, like a puppet. Yet without his help and audacious plans, her father's name would never be cleared, justice would not be done.

Now she faced the most bizarre and perilous mission of all. And she must succeed! Only then would her father be avenged.

Only then would Amanda be free to love!

Theft of a Heart : Barbara Cartland

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