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    Bridge Across The Century Volume 1 (Japan - Korea - China)

In North Oxford, where South African born Elena has been living for the past seven years, the morning paper brings shocking news about allegations made at the Truth commission in South Africa and a criminal case against Dr Leonard Bresler, the anaesthetist (22 Med Corps) who bought her Debussy painting and made it possible for her to live in England.

In addition, the newspaper mentions an ex-prisoner of Robben Island who gave evidence at the TRC. Could that be Vulani? And could the stranger who came to her friends Nina and Jacques in Cape Town to enquire after her, really have been Vulani? Elena relives the time seven years previously, in the turbulent South Africa of 1989, when she found an escaped prisoner on the beach in front of her house in Cape Town during the last months of the apartheid government's rule in South Africa. They undertook a journey together that would challenge everything that had formed Elena - her understanding of her own identity, her relationship with her father, her work as an artist.

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Blind Faith

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